Sunday, July 15, 2007

BeanPaste Design

Wish your blog looked better? Got a bad case of tired template? Looking to improve the overall cut of your jib?

Bring your troubles to BeanPaste, baby.

Drawing from my professional background in graphic design and marketing strategy, I can lovingly create an original, vibrant, and charming graphic identity for your blog or Etsy business using your existing photos and/or my own artwork. All designs include installation into your existing template and blogging platform. No designs involve unicorns unless, of course, unicorns are totally your thing.

Some samples of my work:

BeanPaste Spring Header

Bleenies! Header

BeanPaste Summer Banner

Derfwad Spring Banner

Where Karma...Meets Camera.

BeanPaste Winter Banner

Derfwad Manor


Custom blog header + install: $99 (*Special*)

Custom Etsy header: $39

Custom blog header + Etsy header + install: $115

One year of four seasonal custom blog headers + install: $199

The Big 'Paste Total Blog Make-Over: ask for consultation and pricing


Drop me a line at beanpasteblog(at)gmail(dot)com. Let's make the blogosphere more beautiful, sister!


Candace said...

Hi Sassmouth,
I found you thru Mrs. G, THE alpha and omega of Derfwaddom. I will indeed contact you AFTER Thanksgiving '08 after I return from My Trip to London (after several years) and let's see what we can do, shall we?
Oh and you might want to go see my little blog and figure out some sort of a direction.
I actually love the name Hieronymous and when a friend with the middle initial H would not give it up, and said guess, the first thing I said was -- you guessed it.

Thanks much. Your blog is the sweet and lowdown. (that's a compliment. Doesn't sound like it, does it?)


Deirdre said...

Beanpaste, when I have a real blog I am definitely hiring you. I love your work.

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