Monday, August 27, 2007


This is a probably-far-from-original parent hack, but I'll put it out there regardless, beacause it was a revelation for me. I've been recycling Ellie's infant and toddler sundresses as trapeze tops over jeans. The dresses look cute and roomy and quite fashionable given the current "Maternity Wear for EVERYBODY!" situation. (Because it's fun to look pregnant. Even when you're three.) This hack works best with loose and empire-waisted dresses.

At any rate, here's Ellie rocking a size 12-18 month Old Navy sundress over her jeans:

And here she is mid-frolic, demonstrating the comfort and ease of maternity-style dressing:

Not pictured: Ellie thumbing through my old issues of Sassy magazine and saying, "Heeeeey. This dresses over jeans thing is tired, Momma."

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