Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dear Makers of my Child's Plastic Play Food Set:

What, exactly, am I looking at here? I mean, I get the gist of it. This is probably a cookie and....pasta? But, well, ew.

Again, ew.

I can barely look at these in real life without feeling sick. Please keep in mind that I am constantly served these items and commanded to EAT DEM EAT DEM and I must hold them up to my mouth and make little smacking noises. All without gagging. And, since it's a pretty safe bet that these little beauties were made in China*, I can only assume this is what sloppy, fatty American food must look like to much of the Asian continent. Dung beetles and brain matter, right?

It's OK. An alarming number of Americans think you all eat cats, so I guess we're even.


*Plus? If there's lead paint? Poisonous icing on the hideous cake.


Mrs. G. said...

That red one on the right looks like some sort of flowered intestine.

Melanie said...