Monday, September 24, 2007

It's a Crazy Thing.

Well, it's officially Fall: Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Seasons. The high-desert summer gives up it's suffocating, moisture-sucking fight, the nights cool off, and all the smoke from the forest fires is downright woodsy. The gentle slide into October is the best: the leaves, the weather, the confinement of children in schools, and, my favorite, the anticipation of Halloween. Which brings me to....

...the Martha Stewart Holiday special Halloween issue. Oh, baby. Be still my over-achieving, aspirational-lifestyle-loving heart. And, look! It has two sides...

...both featuring an elaborately costumed (and Photoshopped) Martha.

Oh, Martha.When I occasionally watch your daytime show, I decide that I am done with your flint-y, bossy, WASP-y self. You are bad with your guests, and often seem lightly disgusted with your staff, and I'm quite sure you've completely lost touch with reality. (I did like it when you used to talk about prison. Loved that. More prison stories, please.)

But, lo, the seasons change, and the Trifecta of Big Fun Holidays looms on the horizon, and I come running back for more of your lovely brand of insanity. Because, quite simply, ain't nobody does Halloween like Martha and her minions.

Since young Master James got himself born dangerously close to Halloween, his first birthday party will be filled with Martha-fueled insanity. I'm planning on making some lovely glittered pumpkins (and possibly glittering the baby, if he holds still). I fell in love with those and wanted to make them last year, but I was busy pushing a baby out of my body. You know how it goes.

Also, if it's not too much to ask, I would like someone to come to my home every day in October and make me mashed potatoes shaped like this. Don't forget the wee sesame seed eyes.

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