Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Please Just Don't Say "Decoupage"

Here's the thing: I really don't like the word "craft." Nor do I enjoy the words "crafting", "crafter", "crafty", etc. The dilemma? I am known to craft. However, I vastly prefer the euphemism "project." I work on projects. Like a project director, put unpaid. And sort of unskilled. So we're going with "project", okay?

This is a cheap and easy project for the walls of a nursery. No Martha-style difficulty of execution or quality of materials ("It's important to have the BEST glass glitter for this project, and I like to use these lovely jars of ground crystalline Bavarian fairy wings. They really are the BEST.")

After cutting out classic Little Golden Book images from this calendar (purchased on sale in March for, like, three bucks), I glued the images down onto small, cheap canvases with watered-down Elmer's and sponge brushes. Ellie even helped slop the glue on.

My best suggestion: lots and lots of glue, and wrap some of the images around the edges for extra cuteness. Don't worry about small bubbles. They will smooth out at the glue dries. After they dry, put one more layer of glue on top. Let it dry. Easy!

I think this project would also be a nice use for all of the discarded children's book jackets we have stacked on the top shelf of the closet that I just can't bring myself to throw out. You could also, of course, use color photo copies of favorite illustrations but that would be stealing, and this blog cannot endorse such criminal activity.
Editor's Note:
I would like to mention that, in person, the nursery walls are not that creepy institutional green. They are a happy, vibrant, spring green, not glum, penitentiary, punishment green. Just so you know.


ticky said...

These are so great! I did something sort of similar for my son's nursery ... scanned in some vintage illos, enlarged them, and messed with them in Photoshop: took out a lot of the background, changed the color a bit, and then printed and framed them. These are better because they're tactile, and I love the canvases (rather than framed prints).

erika said...

We call it "domestic art" at our house but I like your project directer idea better.