Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Parenting, Swiss Miss Style

Ellie finally let me braid her hair. Quite a milestone.

She has been generally opposed to hair-styling (and by styling I pretty much mean brushing) of any kind. After I finish brushing her hair, she moves her palms slowly and lightly over her entire scalp, like little metal detectors, trying to locate any barrettes or rubber bands I may have left behind. If she happens to leave her hair alone in the morning, I can be guaranteed she will undo all of my efforts as soon as her hiney hits a car seat. She is a dyed-in-the-wool hair twirler, especially when sleepy. The back seat of our car is littered with tiny, discarded hair accessories.

But now, her patience seems to be expanding in some (i.e. very limited) areas and, lo, there are braids. And they are shiny and streaked with baby blond, curling up sweetly at the ends, and they smell like green apple. She looks like a bona fide little girl, so heart-breakingly big. And it is everything I can do to keep from snatching her up, swallowing her whole, and holding her inside me so that she doesn't get any bigger.

What? She smells like apple, okay?


room Residential Design said...

Your comments about baby eating are kind of sick. But also, kind of sweet. Sickningly sweet? Or sweetly sickening? I'll let you decide. Regardless, our daughter is a lil miss, in't she?

Melanie said...

You know what I mean. Not cannibalism. Just plain, old-fashioned, baby-eatin'.

Sheila Cason said...

I chose your sweet braids swiss miss photo for Beauty...on the weblog. And liked it so much I added you to my blogroll at Pillows and Chocolate.

:) Have a great day

Alix said...

I found you through Beauty on the weblog - that was a lovely piece of writing and a great photo

Kat said...

I know just what you mean about baby eatin'... I have a very edible one myself. He's big now... I try to chew on his chubby little legs and he laughs and runs away. Soon I won't be able to do it at all! Gotta eat them babies while they're helpless and can't get away!

Ophelia Rising said...

My children are bona fide hair-twirlers, as well. Sometimes to the point where we must take scissors to the taut, winding thread of hairs that are cutting off the circulation of any given finger.

And I relate to the baby-eating scenarios. I've been sorely tempted to take a big bite of a sugary-smelling arm or leg on more than one occasion.

Well, what do they expect, smelling so damned good?

(Fantastic and sweet photo of her beautiful braided head, by the way! )