Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eat It All and ALL*: Mulligatawny

I'm not the boss of you, but if I were, I would tell you to make this soup tonight. It's Mulligatawny, an Indian chicken soup with lots of veggies and just enough spice and yummy curry magic in every bite. In short, if you think you don't like curry and aren't going to make this: you DO and you WILL.

First, you cut up a giant mess of carrots, celery, onion, green pepper, red pepper, and Braeburn apple.

Then you cook them up in a big pot with just a little vegetable oil until they are tender. Look, healthy!

Then you bring in your dry ingredients: flour, curry, ginger, red pepper flakes, and salt. Dump these into the pot and stir until the spices are fragrant and toasty, about one minute.

Then you dump in your liquid-y ingredients: chicken stock, tomato paste, and mango chutney. The chutney is mission critical. You don't have to go to a specialty market; most stores carry it on the mustard/ketchup/pickle aisle. If you want it cheap, though, go to an international market or Cost Plus.

(Please note: if you have a loved one who is morally opposed to cooked raisins, you can fish the few stray raisins out before adding the chutney to the pot. If you prefer passive aggression, just leave those swollen little babies alone.

Bring to a simmer and add some chopped chicken breast. Simmer until the chicken is cooked through (twenty minutes or one hour or two hours or whenever your people need to eat.) Garnish with chopped flat-leaf parsley and enjoy!

Then, enjoy even more the next day because the leftovers are tasty. (As a more frenetic, raspy-voiced, uber-perky woman than myself would say, "Yum-O!" But I would never say that. Not even drunk.) I'm not great with exact recipes, but an approximation is here. Feel free to fudge the spices for your own tastes.

Oh, that's a sexy fork-full, right there.

*When Ellie is looking for emphasis, she says blank and BLANKER, like "fast and FASTER" and "big and BIGGER." This also applies to eating, and when she clears her plate or thinks something is really delicious she says, "I eat it all and ALL."


Mrs. G. said...

This looks delicious. I laughed about the raisins because my daughter will not even look at a cooked raisin. Is it the texture?

Melanie said...

Maybe the texture? My husband would say "the pure evil."