Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween, Liberace-Style

So, we're in full Halloween mode at the Beanpaste Manse, including a whole mess of glittered pumpkins. I used the Martha Stewart Crafts kit because it was 40% off with a Michael's coupon and therefore cheaper than buying individual glitters. And this is actually an instance where you DO need the lovely jars of ground crystalline Bavarian fairy wings.

The kit is really simple: just glue and three jars of glitter with lovely names like Cinnabar and Fire Opal. Oh, Martha. You always know just what to say to a girl. (Well, expect for times like these. Hee. Also, haaaaaaaaaaa.)

After a few hours, I had a small army of glittery, Elton John-esque gourds. The pictures (although I don't think PictoBrowser is working well with Explorer), are also here:

Final verdict: The super-fine Martha glitter is gorgeous and a little goes a very long way. But use a coupon. Very easy, but expect a super-fine layer of glitter everywhere-your person, your table, your floor, your toddlers. (Just tell them Bavarian fairies must have come in the night.)



Mrs. G. said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Bavarian fairy crack me up. My friend Vallen over at Queenly Things (my side bar) glittered some gourds tonight. Check them out. Like you, she puts Martha to shame.

Vallen said...

I used Martha's brown glitter and it so very soft and luxurious but I like the German glass glitter I got in some secret place by the bay . The bright yellow I used was one of five little vials for $1 the whole pkg. I love a bargain. A bargain that looks good.