Monday, October 8, 2007


Can you hear that? It's the sound of me loudly exhaling (shoop, shoop, shoop). The wedding went smoothly, like silk on glass, and I managed to get all the flowers done on time. Also, I have a new appreciation for florists and THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY, PEOPLE. Even if they charge you ten hundred thousand pennies. Just give them your pennies.

These past two years, I have grown unaccustomed to deadline stress. My daily stress mostly involves keeping one person quiet while another person is sleeping, or getting one person to use the bathroom while I wrestle another into a diaper, or convincing one person to just leave with me, already while the other one has a nervous breakdown. Stressful, yes, but different than deadline stress. Doing all the flowers for a wedding, by yourself, in one day, is STRESS. FULL. End of story. Lesson learned.

But things turned out just fine. The ceremony was warm and intimate, the reception was floaty and pretty and festive, and the flowers were DONE. Who can ask for anything more?

More pictures here. I have a date with some Pinot Grigio.


Mrs. G. said...

You are an amazing sister-in-law, and your children are precious. Loving your son's pants...shades of M.C. Hammer.

Melanie said...

I am an OK sister-in-law. If I were amazing, I wouldn't be such a whiny little panty-waist about the whole thing.

Also, those pants ARE hilarious. I'm sure he'll thank me later.