Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big News! If Shameless Peddling is News!

For my penultimate post this November, I wanted to pull out all the stops and unveil a little something that I, along with my very talented mother-in-law, have been cooking up over the past year: I'm selling her original art and prints under a brand called Elliebean. And, before the e-commerce is ironed out on our main website, we're offering one of our lines, Little Garden Girls, over at an Etsy shop. Go check out the listing for the full scoop and lots of pictures.

And! In the spirit of the holiday season and with heady, bloggy goodwill, I am going to give one of these lovely, original paintings away. Plus! The little girl will be completely personalized with the skin tone, hair, flower garden, and name of your choosing. And! Moreover! Your custom painting should arrive in time for holiday gift-giving.

Simply leave a comment on this post (tell me something wonderful or scandalous or funny or true, okay?) before Sunday at 10:00 pm and you'll be entered for a chance to win. The winner will be chosen at random by a bossy, but impartial, three-year-old girl and announced on Monday morning.

Yay, commerce! And free stuff!


Professor J said...

I just stopped by to tell you how much I love that image you made for Mrs. G's slow cook Thursdays! You've got some of my favorite poets up there, and I love the idea of Emily Dickinson calling anyone a "Derfwad." Good stuff.

Good luck with the art work!

Lisa Milton said...

The girls are darling.

(I just woke up. I can't think of anything funny yet. Or true. I think I should go back to bed.)

My Crazy Beautiful Life said...

I'd love to leave a scandalous comment, but this is a public blog and I'm not that brave!! So this is true and maybe a little scandalous. When I met Rob, he was a senior in high school, I was a freshman in college and I was the chaperone on a choir bus trip to Seattle. We made out the whole way there. And back. 22 years later we're still making out!! Do I win????

Jessi said...

Oh wow. Your mother-in-law is very talented. I've never even been slightly artistic (creative, but not artistic at all)...I used to tease that my stick figures would come out looking deformed. People would laugh, but it's true....give me any art medium and I'll some how screw it up, heh.

Mrs. G. said...

Melanie this is so cool. How exciting. These are charming.

Please don't throw my name in the hat...this needs to go to someone with a little girl and not one filling out college apps. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here! Congratulations the site looks amazing. But what about Matthew? Come on I saw some of the little boy paintings. I know you have it in you and yesterday was my birthday and I am your favorite Aunite and most importantly I AM YOUR BLOOD! Just throw little Matthews name in the hat and make sure that you bend the corner so you will pick his name.

BipolarLawyerCook said...

something funny but true-- I ran away with the circus one summer and cleaned up after elephants and rigged lights for 8 long weeks. I was Linda Hamilton in Terminator Buff afterward.

Sharon said...

This is true: I love the pictures you are showing, they are wonderful! It is cool that you can personalize the pictures to such a great degree!

Funny but true, or maybe you had to be there: We once TPed the principal's office. I'm talking about us, the teachers. Then we framed one of the other teachers by throwing a roll of toilet paper to her and taking a picture of her holding it.

Anonymous said...

I have no girl of my own, but my dear friend is at this moment in China in the process of securing the U.S. entrance VISA for her new daughter. I would love to give this to her ... lovely art!

Sassy said...

Sheesh, those thingies are startlingly cute ! I want one !

Okay, here's for the wonderful scandalously true part : you were spot-on as per your comment on yesterday's post on my blog.

Do you think your ma-in-law could personalize one for my little Yuki? Am I pushing this too far?

Elizabeth Coplan said...

I lvoe your artwork!!! I don't have any little girls in my house (three boys -- talk about testosterone!). But I buy lots of pink things (think Disney princesses and pink in general) for ME! Would love to have this piece. Thanks for sharing your work with the world.

Elizabeth at A Wild Ride

Family Adventure said...

That is lovely! Wow - beautiful!


PS: Just "found" you. Great blog!

MamaBird said...

Something true and beautiful: my 4 year old (who'd love your MIL's paintings) who is the girliest girl in the world (think pink and glitter and MOM don't turn the light out yet I just want to look at my bangs), upon hearing that her mom was a huge tomboy who wouldn't wear any skirts or dresses, nonchalantly tossed out -- "I'd like some overalls from Santa. I'm really into jeans and overalls. I'm just like you." Sweet girl, sweet paintings. Can't wait to see the etsy site as well.

Melanie said...

J: Aw. I knew you'd like it, with your fancy English degrees. Thanks!

Lisa: Still a truth. It counts!

Tanya: Scandalous cradle-Robbing! Pun shamelessly intended.

Jessi: Thanks for the positive feedback!

Mrs. G: Sunrise, sunset, huh? Sniff.

Auntie Anonymous: Are you begging for bold-faced nepotism? Naughty, naughty.

BLC: You RAN AWAY TO CIRCUS? If this were a merit-based contest, you'd have just won, hands down.

Sharon: Thanks!

Marti: Awww. (Your necklaces are beautiful, by the way.)

Sassy: I have a feeling that personalized dog art is where the real money can be made.

Elizabeth, Mamabird, & Heidi: Thanks so much for your kind words and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

Schriftstellar said...

Delurking to say how much I love your site, and to say how beautiful the Garden Girls are.

Something true: last night, I went to a reading by the poet Mary Oliver. She said, by way of introducing her most famous and beloved piece, 'Wild Geese': "I suppose you want me to read this. So I'm gonna." I don't know why, but I'm still laughing.

Gardenhoe said...

Melanie, I love your blog and am excited about your new venture! Like I said, I've been a voyeur on the blog scene and setting up an account seemed too cumbersome to be worth making comments, but the thought of one of those daaarrrlilng girls pushed me over the edge. Soo, enter me in your drawing and I'll cross my fingers!