Friday, November 9, 2007

Brothers and Sisters, Redux

As if sensing that her mother told the Internet (or, more accurately, four people) that she strangled her brother, Ellie rallied with a fresh, improved strategy for Baby Brother Abatement. That strategy is named, simply, "Pile." Observe "Pile" in action:

(That's Ellie in the corner, gesticulating wildly.) The theory behind "Pile" is quite simple. Faced with a massive wall of nearly every single toy he owns, James will be too dazzled and confused to cross the pile of toys and bother Ellie while she reads. "That's a PILE. He stop dumping all my books now. He say 'Wow, that's a lotta baby toys,' and he stay A-WAY," she explained.

Here's what James was actually saying, "WTF? What happened to all my toys?"

Well played, wee one. I think I'll head over to Amazon and see if the good people at Baby Einstein have released a Baby Sun Tzu DVD yet.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I was worried at first that her plan was to pile all the toys on top of Jimmy. That, I am sure, will come later. Kam

Mrs. G. said...

This last picture sums it up nicely. James looks all "WTF?" and Ellie looks all "It's just a game oh, and did you notice my dress." Poor James, his years of suffering at the hands of an older sister have just begun.

Seriously, do they put cute in water where you live? Spike the potatoes with pink cheeks?

Melanie said...

Mrs. G: No cute in the water. Just fluoride and neoconservatism.