Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 30: Lessons Learned, Naps Deferred

The month's highlights, in review:
So, what have I learned? Mostly this: that old chestnut about write! just write anything! is apt. This committed, daily discipline of writing something, anything has been good for me and my peculiar brand of lazy perfectionism. Instead of spending my free-time napping or cleaning or watching "America's Next Top Model", I've been writing. So what if I'm tired and my house is filthy and I have no idea what's going on with Tyra and That Model Who Has A Disability Called AssBurgers Or Whatever? Onward and upward!

Moreover, while combing through those thirty posts, I had a definite sense of time: I know exactly where it went and how we passed it this November, and that is, somehow, intensely comforting. So many of my days here at home just seem to roll into the next, a rhythmic blur of schedules and routines and wiping, wiping, wiping and bedtime exhaustion. This month I have been more mindful, more deliberate, and, in my estimation, in need of fifty-four hours of additional catch-up sleep.

I learned. I grew. Now, who wants a hug?

(Oh, and P.S.: That OTHER chestnut about doing something for twenty days and it becomes habit? Apparently true. Which is why I'll be doing this. Lawsy!)



Jozet at Halushki said...

I want a hug! I want a hug!

And I totally agree...the discipline of writing every day did actually, uh, get me to write more and not pay heed to my weak-butt excuses for not writing. And it was GREAT!

I really needed this. And it was so wonderful to meet new bloggers via NaBloPomo.

You have a A+ blog.

Mrs. G. said...

I always need a hug...I'm just a hugger by nature. I have enjoyed each and every highlight along your merry way, and I will be here to cheer you on as you enter the next phase of your masochistic blogging journey.

Nora Bee said...

You have been one of the highlights of this crazy month for me. We did it! Congrats to you. Oh, and the assburgers chick got kicked off of ANTM because she couldn't make it to a go-see. Whatever.

Melanie said...

Joket: Thank you for your kind words. I sure do appreciate them. And right back atcha.

G: Ha! I look forward to hugs and cheers, but not internet (((hugs))) because those make me giggle.

Nora: Congrats! (I only saw the firt few ANTM episodes this season, but I wanted to reach through the screen and choke Tyra while she explained, in the most patronizing, authoritative manner possible, that the girl had a "kind of disability" called Asperger's and she had a "hard time with eye contact" and "other social stuff." Tyra Banks make me bat-shit crazy.

Professor J said...

I'll take a hug!

I have really enjoyed reading your blog and writing my own, so I'll be hanging out with you for some time!

standing still said...

I honestly don't know how I met you ... likely it was through Mrs. G ... but you're bookmarked. The crouton lung, well, that's just blog award fodder if you don't mind me saying so.

And, if Tyra is talking about Asperger's Syndrome on her show, that is the final sign of the apocolypse. And, a sign that supermodels think they can do everything, including neuropsychology. Apparently the words, "we pay you for how you look not because you're a brain surgeon" does not compute.

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