Monday, November 5, 2007


Oh, goodness. See what I did there? Oh, the hilarity.

My, this daily posting regiment is certainly bringing out my finest writing efforts to date. Try not to trip on all the talent just lying around here.

This post is actually a preview for my cemetery photo set I've got in the works. New fact for the day: we live across the street from a cemetery. I enjoy the cemetery, but I'm sure this information, and the accompanying photo set, will unnerve some of you, particularly you elderly, Romanian villagers.

(Don't laugh; I'm huge in Romania.)

Stay tuned!



My Crazy Beautiful Life said...

We used to live very close to where you are over off of Stanley St. This was before we had kids and I would walk my dog through that cemetary every day. I loved it. I have several relatives/anscestors buried there. In fact, my great, great grandparents are probably just across the street from you if I remember right. George and Stella Hiner. My grandma Violet and Grandpa Chet have very small stones clear on the other side of the cemetary fairly close to the road. I used to know where all of the family graves were but it's been 15 years so I would have to really search to find the rest. I'm looking forward to more pics of the cemetary!!

Mrs. G. said...

We lived with a cemetery in our back yard for a couple of years. I used to stroll my daughter there and read all the headstones, admire the inlaid photographs and practice my math calculating how old everone was when they died. Very peaceful.

When I was a kid (and,ok,now), everytime we passed a cemetary I would have to say, "people are just dying to get in there."

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Well, look at that! Everyone loves cemeteries.

Tanya: We are technically down the street from the cemetery; the park is across from us. I didn't know that you used to live in this neighborhood! You'll have to come walk with us some time.

Mrs. G: It is peaceful, isn't it? A great place to push the stroller.

My Crazy Beautiful Life said...

This is a here-nor-there comment but I also attended kindergarten at the little school that is down the street from you as well. Then I would walk to a ladies house that we went to church with that seemed far away but was probably only about a block after school until my mom picked me up!!