Sunday, November 11, 2007

Here! Look!

So, as you may have noticed, this post a day thing is trickier than I thought. With that, I give you: Here! Look At The Baby! Sunday.

LOOK AT THE BABY! And happy day of rest.


Nora Bee said...

Gorgeous baby and I have totally been doing the same thing. I tagged you for something over at my place, hope that's ok and gives you a free idea for a post :-).

Mrs. G. said...

I meant what I said about packing this little guy and shipping him to my house. Ooh that little wrinkled nose just melts my heart. He looks like he has tiny dose of wicked in him...I like that in a boy.

Anonymous said...

He continues to be the cutest little boy ever! Love me some Jimmy. Auntie Kammie

Melanie said...

Nora: Thanks! I'll post that tomorrow. And hang on to your shorts; it's embarrassing.

G: Plus! He smells good, too. The nose thing is his flirt face. He's a lady killer.