Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Like to Push the Pram-A-Lot...

We went to see the touring production of Spamalot this evening and so I am:
  • posting this very late and with no material to speak of.
  • only doing this out of guilt and obligation.
  • elated and tingly and annoying from very recent exposure to musical theater.
  • likely to dream of scenarios in which I am called upon to save the day/show/world by belting out "Suddenly Seymour" or "All That Jazz" or similar.
  • a huge nerd.
Good night and good luck.


Mrs. G. said...

As usual we are up posting and commenting around the same time. I really had to push it on today's post. Just so tired. So, Spamalot? Very cool. I am a musical junkie. We'll have to compare favorites some next week in one of those stupid memes...a musical meme. Sweet dreams.

Lori said...

I'm a little late. Saw SAL too. it was fantastic. Oh the high you can get from live theater! Okay, I'm a nerd too.