Friday, December 7, 2007

Delicious New Baby: It's What's For Dinner

My dear friend Emily had a baby yesterday, and I was lucky enough to hold him at the hospital this morning. He is beautiful, very masculine, with a big shock of soft, dark hair.

Holding a brand new baby is always electric. It's like a brush with greatness, a glimpse into something powerful and infinite and enduring.

Plus, their heads smell really good. Look that hair! His father says he looks like a Monchhichi, but I disagree, because I never once felt compelled to eat my Monchhichi.

Happy birthday, Ryan. I'm glad you joined us.


Mrs. G. said...

What a wonderful post...I have chills. A new life.

Family Adventure said...

Melts my heart!


Lisa Milton said...

Oh my. He's delicious - I love the hair.

{A friend of mine had a girl recently, with that hair too. Makes me swoon.}