Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Putting the "Putz" in Putz House

We finally started decorating the house this past weekend and, by far, my favorite part was setting up the mantel village (or putz houses) that I purchased last year after Christmas. They aren't the real deal: the houses are vintage reproduction sets purchased from the quaintly loony, somewhat geriatric Vermont Country Store. (I absolutely did not pay that much for each set, though. Wait until January, when they practically give them away. Can't fool me, Yankees!)

My grandparents had a similar village of paper houses with somewhat battered, yellow cellophane windows and crooked little roofs crusted with glittery mica snow. Every Christmas that I can remember, those houses, along with a string of chunky bulbs to illuminate the windows, were put out on the fireplace mantel, nestled into fluffy, acrylic snow.

Thinking of those houses, typing this right now, I realize that I haven't celebrated a Christmas with my grandparents, in their home with the mantel full of houses, in over fifteen years. Is that possible? They never saw me marry, never held my children, never set foot in this home with the mantel of houses.

Like clockwork at this time of year, my missing the two of them becomes more acute. A little pang here and there, a vague longing for the simplicity of my youth and the expansive, nearly suffocating, warmth of a big family. The Christmas Eves spent in their home are mythic in my memory: boisterous and beautiful affairs, crowded with food, aunties, stories, shouting, laughing, presents of epic proportions.

I will admit that my acquisition of these houses is an act of pure nostalgia: reassembling physical artifacts in a futile attempt to re-create the past. I know it will never be the same. That time, house, people...they are lost to me, and that's OK. I was immeasurably blessed to have them at all.

And, on that note, here is the best part of the little paper houses:

Ellie (and even wee James who wants to be lifted up over and over to see Dat!) is delighted by them. She helped me sprinkle the whole scene with flakes of iridescent snow, touched each bottle brush tree, gently poked at the little rooftops.

Maybe, someday, she'll put the little houses on her fireplace mantel and be filled with fond, warm, mythic memories of her childhood Christmases. And perhaps, after she lovingly arranges them just so and proceeds to take fifty photographs of each house, her husband won't snicker loudly behind her back, causing her to say, "Are you laughing at me because I'm taking pictures of the houses?" to which he might reply, "No, I'm laughing at something else. But, yeah, that's really funny, too."


Lisa Milton said...

She is so beautiful; I love her rosy lips.

Mrs. G. said...

May the traditions continue. I love these little paper houses and all they represent.

Mrs. G. said...

By the by, I'm waiting for you to share some of your favorite Christmas recipes. I hope some are coming up.

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Gorgeous memories in the making. And, the most apt description of the VT Country Store ever.

standing still said...

I think we all be come the generations before us at Christmas. You are giving your daughter the gift of knowing her great-grandmother through your acts of tradition. Nothing sappy or wierd about that, even 50 photos later.

Kammie said...

You made me cry before I even finished my coffee. I miss them too!

Family Adventure said...

Lovely houses, lovely, lovely girl.

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Heidi :)

Professor J said...

I think Christmas traditions rock. And your daughter is so beautiful. . .

Loralee Choate said...

Your daughter is freaking gorgeous!
(Said with the vicious jealousy of one who has ALL BOYS).


You also kick my tail to Timbuktu and back in the decorating department.

Magpie said...

BLC said it - that was a spot-on description of the Vermont Country Store.

Putz houses - never in my born days have I heard that term. But, my mother has some of those, old ones, like from her childhood.

But me? I only know the vulgar meaning of putz. Huh.

Susan said...

Nice pics! Have a great Christmas!



Susan said...

Very sweet! I love your nostalgia, and the little village is adorable. So is your little girl!

Nadine said...

Your daughter is very lovely. Thank you for sharing. Have a Merry Christmas.

Antique Mommy said...

Love those little houses, so sweet. And your little one is precious.

Merry Christmas to your sweet family.

oh amanda said...

Beautiful beautiful post! I feel the same way. Having a child made me more aware of the childhood I had. The memories are clearer now. Strange.

I can't wait to look around your blog...

Joyful Days said...

I've enjoyed visiting your home so much. It blessed me to hear about your family memories. I have a husband who laughs at my picture taking!!



His Doorkeeper said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely home and the sweet picture of your daughter was precious! Blessings for a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter looks just like my sister at that age. We used to love the tree and all the lights and decorations. I still love to set mine up and the putz, too. Thanks for the nice memory!

mary said...

I think we all be come the generations before us at Christmas. You are giving your daughter the gift of knowing her great-grandmother through your acts of tradition. Nothing sappy or wierd about that, even 50 photos later.

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Dave said...

I have a set of houses I inherited from my parents. they got them at Woolworth's in the late 1960's. I put them out in a village every year, and fight our cats to stay off from them.

I too miss the large family Christmas gatherings. My late Mother was one of 6 siblings who all had at least 3 children of their own. So it was normal for us to gather at Christmas and 4th of July with 50 or more. Now my Mom, one of her Sisters and both of her parents are gone. We had our last gathering as a family at my parent's 50th about 4 months before my Mother died. I miss them all. I now have 5 Grandchildren. I eased my Nostaliga by buying them $400.00 worth of Vintage Toys off ebay last year. They love ever penny of them too. From the portable record player, and Disney Storybook records to the 100 Viewmaster reels and the GE Show 'N Tell Viewer Record and Film Sets. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.


LynAnne Smucker said...

I don't know why but tonight I had a hankering to figure out how to make my own village and after looking for little bottle brush trees on e-bay stumbled across your lovely post and pictures of your village and family memories. It made my evening. I don't think my family ever had one of these, but I remember how we would put out the nativity scenes that my mom had collected, including the plaster one that I and my brother and sister painted. Now just thinking about this has made my evening and made me smile. Thank-you so much for sharing your story.

Dave said...

I finally was able to put up my inherited Putz pieces into a village. here's a post at my blog showing a few photos of the setup:

My Putz Style Alpine Village.

The original box and light string from this late 1960's set are long gone. Early this year however I found a set exactly like mine still in the orignal box that I purchased. I posted on my blog about that purchase HERE. I'm going to store my inherited set in the box, and I've got the buildings for it up for sale on ebay HERE if anyone is interesting in having one of these villages for yourself.


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