Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Winter of My Mild But, Overall, Pretty Manageable Discontent

The fever of the cabin, she is setting in. It has been cold, bitterly so, and I'm getting a little irritated. Pissed, even. How do you people in the frozen north do this?

And, while I'm a big advocate of daily fresh air for the wee ones, the 45 minutes of dressing, layering, socking, booting, hatting, mittening, coating, rehatting, etc. is a little tedious. Particularly when we spent about seven minutes (no exaggeration) outside of the actual house until the cries of THE COLD IS BITING MY FIIIIIINGERS sent us back inside.

Oh, well. I've got my external hard drive to keep me warm. I've been combing through my massive photo files for playground pictures from the salads days of summer and fall, when we ran through the parks with total abandon, never with mittens, often without coats, sometimes in sandals. Can you imagine?


Rima said...

I am picking up what you're laying down, my friend. In my neck of the woods, I'm looking forward (and way past) two and a half, *maybe* three more months of winter.

My husband wanted to buy a combination alarm clock/vitamin D lamp at Costco to combat our cabin fever this season, but it seemed a little overpriced ($160).


Lisa Milton said...

I was ready for a brisk walk outside today, and then it was snowing ever so lightly; I figured if I am cold inside, outside can't be better.


Love those shots of your kiddos. It's good for them to get outside and run about.

Family Adventure said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are just lovely. And they sure beat the icy, slick and yucky street I'm looking out at right now.


Amy the Mom said...

Yeah, we're looking at a HIGH of six below on Saturday. I have no intention of leaving the house.

Your children are savory little bits of goodness-perfection.

Anonymous said...

Yeah? Well, it's so winter blah in Boston that I can't wait for Mud Season. Screw spring! I'll just take rain and gradually thawing splooge.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm now where did I put our sunscreen? The girls are srue going to need it today, with that glorious hot sunshine and all.


Anonymous said...

opps, I meant sure. Darn fingers are slipping on the keys, I'm sweating so much in this summer heat ;)

Magpie said...

Paragraph 2? One of the GREAT things about daycare...someone else gets to do that!

Minnesota Matron said...

Here's how you do it: you let your children go outside dressed inappropriately, perhaps even dangerously, and you don't care because this hardens their northland skin. They will need this. From the background, you practically live in Hawaii!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hate to have to do this to you, but I paid for my bragging rights by paying a little thing called the "sun tax."

I wore my Ugg clogs and a zippered hoody to make my Costco run today. I find that I get quite chilled when we only get up to 65. week.

Yes, I live in SoCal, altough not in the O.C.

Mrs. G. said...

I hope some sunshine comes your way soon. I love the photos...particularly the one with them in the swings. You can tell he thinks she is all that.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Wow! That is the greenest grass I've ever seen! Your kids thighs? Bite-able.

Nora Bee said...

Those summer days will return, young one. Be patient.

coolbeans said...

I knew we'd be running errands yesterday morning, so when I dressed my little guy, I just pulled his clothes over his pajamas.

It seems colder the last two winters. I'd never considered stocking up on long underwear before. Is it really colder or am I just that much older?

Melanie said...

Rima: That is simply too much winter. Unacceptable.

Lisa: Sadly, these days they only stagger around stiffly until their cheeks hurt from the cold. Suck.

Heidi: Thank you! They cheered me up, too.

amy, BLC: You both have got me beat by a mile, weather-wise.


Magpie: ONE of the great things? How about SEVEN of the great things?

Matron: Excellent tip. They are far too tender and delicate. And Hawaii??? Mais, non. It was 29 below yesterday. (OK, it was just 29. But STILL.)

Life As I Know It said...

Oh, I get some major winter blues this time of year. It is exhausting to bundle the kids up, only to come running back inside with numb fingers and toes.

Spring seems so far away right now...

Professor J said...

You are a good photographer AND a clever, clever writer. I want to be like you!

Mary Ann said...

I do believe I notice bare toes in the summertime photo. You do know that your children can contract ringworm by going barefoot in the great outdoors don't you? (just passing on advice from my grandmother)

Melanie said...

Jenn: I would give a non-existent nut for 65 right now. Enjoy.

G: Hoping for sunshine in your neck of the woods, too, though I know that's highly unlikely. (And you're right. He adores her.)

Tootsie: The grass may have a had a teensy bit of Photoshop help. But it was indeed very green. The thighs? All natural, baby.

Nora: Patience is not my strong suit.

Coolbeans: Are you in Utah? I'm sure it is colder. Sure of it. We've had so much snow in our valley this year!

Life: Amen, sister. I hear you.

Prof. J: Oh, brother. Thank you, but you're the one rocking the English PhD.

Mary Ann: It's OK. He has all his shots, worm pills, and wears a flea collar. He's good to go.