Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 5: Fresh Set Of Watercolors

Oh, the possibilities.

(Part of the 30 Tiny Moments project.)


Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Hi Bean Paste. I want to comment on Obama. I live over here in England -- and four years ago I stayed up all night to watch the Democratic Convention. Obama spoke at it and I was gobsmacked. The next morning I told my husband that I hope "that guy" runs for President.

And he is!!!

Cool photos.

I feel so out of it living over here. I would love to attend a political rally or go campaign for a progressive candidate.

Anonymous said...

Loving your pics Melanie :)

WillThink4Wine said...

Love your 30 Tiny Moments Project!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

There's nothing like a brand new art supply. I still remember the thrill of the 64 crayon box with built in sharpener!

katydidnot said...

oh, the fresh watercolors were bad for me as a child, they brought out all my o.c.d. tendencies and i'd spend hours cleaning the paint ovals and white plastic.

Lisa Milton said...

Take stock in Crayola now. I can't recount how many of those puppies we have cruised through.

They are always good, always tempting.

Professor J said...

Oh my god I love this photo.

dkuroiwa said... art supplies!! I remember the smell of a new box of crayons...the 64 crayon box was the best!!! I alway hated using any of the paints or crayons for the first time!!
Great photo!!