Thursday, April 17, 2008

All That AND The Proverbial Bag Of Chips


So, we had a visitor last night, a visitor by the name of Georgia who runs a little famous blog by the name of (If you haven't heard of her, you probably read this as a kind personal favor to me, and you should check out her amazing Family Tree archives. Trust me: she actually makes genealogy sound FUN.)

When she arrived after a long drive from Seattle, I was at the grocery store buying supplies, and by supplies I mean wine, cheese, fresh flowers, and a nice, new pillow because, after all that driving, I really wanted her to have a pillow that didn't smell like someone else's scalp. (We were due for a couple new pillows anyway. You saw the Oprah show on this issue, right? With the two-year-old pillows and 10% of their weight being from dust mites and dust mite waste? I don't even watch Oprah anymore, but her infotainment/fear-mongering touches me still. Thanks, O.)

So, Byron was home alone with the kids when Georgia arrived and the children proceeded to jabber at and physically accost her. It probably looked something like this:


And, sadly, there was probably some of this:


And by the time I returned, Ellie was dragging every stuffed elephant in her menagerie out to the living room, waggling it in front of Georgia's face, and spouting off all their names: "This is Horton. Aaaand this is Dumbo. Aaaand this is Baby Dumbo. Aaaand this is Saggy Baggy. Aaaand this is Queedkekslctw..."

Georgia was very kind, very patient, and completely lovely. I didn't have much in the way of expectations and, honestly, felt a little weird about the situation as an extension of sometimes feeling weird about my blog. But the conversation was easy and natural and engaging and warm, and I can't say enough about Georgia and her Big Idea and her inspiring ability to put complete trust in the kindness of (near) strangers.

We went out, shared some wine, some Big Salads, drove around the teeming metropolis of Boise, purchased saline solution. And the whole thing really renewed my enthusiasm for writing and blogging and connecting to this vast community of good, human people.

And then we said goodnight and, in the wee small hours of the morning, she crept out like a cat burglar, leaving nary a trace behind, save for this:


She's a mensch, that one.


I AM VERY MARY said...

I'm not sure that anyone could really resist the nose picking. I mean really. She's cute no matter what she does. I mean E, not Bossy. Although Bossy may also be adorable when nose picking. Who knows?

katydidnot said...

aaand dumbo. aaaand derwliadnwj.

oh man. i miss that. aaaand i really miss that.

bossy is so good to all of us.

stu said...

Those pictures are great. I would rather have kids accost me than run screaming (it still hurts my feelings).

Glad you got to be a bit of blogging history so to speak.


Tootsie Farklepants said...

aaaaaaaaannnnd Tootsie is going to purchase new pillows tomorrow becaaaauuuse I've been scared straight.

hippyhappyhay said...

Lol, that Bossy is making the rounds, I sense a movie in the making...who will play you? I'm thinking...Kate Winslet!!

dkuroiwa said...

aaaannnd I'm going to have a reeeeaaallly hard time snuggling up to my pillows tonight...thanks Mel. Me too....Must run to store tomorrow and buy new pillows for ALL the members of this surely infested family.
Gosh...the things we learn...

Glad your visit with Bossy was a good one.
Your kids are gorgeous!!! Nose-picking and all!!!

Magpie said...

Bossy is spreading love and joy throughout the interwebs. And the U.S.

Geekgrl64 said...

Wow, that pillow information is disgusting. After I read that I had to think about how old mine are. I think a pillow shopping trip has just been added to the weekend!

Bossy is the best! It was great meeting her. I am glad that you had the opportunity, she is an awesome person!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Wow. Bossy all to yourself. And I saw a picture of the salad. Yum!

Lisa Milton said...

What a great time for all. I knew Bossy would be in good hands.

(I meant to mention: I have a niece in Boise that I keep meaning to see. Maybe we could meet up if I ever get my butt over there. I'm fluent in little girl speak.)

MamaBird said...

Um, Melanie? I am a big enough freak about enough things? And I cannot buy *new pillows* right now? BeanPaste retraction?!

Mike Golch said...

I love the photos.

Rima said...

Nice handwriting, too.

I did not know about the pillows, although I once heard an urban legend about someone falling gravely ill from sleeping on a vermin infested pillow. That stuff can really keep you up at night.

foolery said...

At this point in my life a little vermin poop is the LEAST of my worries. That should tell you something. ;)

From all accounts Miss Bossy sounds like a peach, and very brave!

Cheri said...

What a very sweet account of that visit. I'm having fun cyber-stalking Bossy since I had to miss her visit in San Diego due to my bum shoulder (thankfully I did NOT miss the pre-party the week before).

P.S. Big Salads, I forgot about those. Did you get to hand Bossy her big salad?