Friday, April 18, 2008

Editorial Clarification

I love that the only takeaway message from the last post was old pillows = dust mite poop. Don't shoot the messenger, people! We have no one but Oprah to blame! Seriously. I'm sorry. I don't watch anymore, OK?

Here's a link to original episode. Good luck with all that.


Loralee Choate said...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm so over worrying about things like that. Before Oprah and Dateline NBC we were more ignorant, but much happier!

Stacy said...

most posts here get me grinning, this one got me chuckling. love bossy! love yr photos. and love that you're over O! ;)

and can i say how totally honored i am that you visited my blog? and commented? twice?

wow! sigh.

btw, i'm not trying to be all txt-mssgy to seem cool or anything -- it's the total opposite: sleeping baby in arms.

Mike Golch said...

Fat,Dumb and Happy.I ant worried about any dust mites.

Cheri said...

Ugh. ;-)