Thursday, October 30, 2008

The October Frisson

Is there anything better than the week before Halloween in an important election year? Anything better than a perfect slice of sunny, golden autumn with a thing icing of nighttime frost, than crispy fallen leaves and campaign signs in every yard? Than the electricity of fresh poll data and free candy? Homemade costumes and presidential buttons and pumpkin carving and apple cider and good, old-fashioned civic duty?

fallenIMG_9749carving tutorial

You can keep your Fourth of July: this week is everything I need to know about being an American.

sniffing pumpkin guts


Irene said...

And remember, Melanie, the whole world is watching you. We know about your wonderful Halloween tradition, but we are super aware of what follows next. A day that is important not only to Americans, but to all people around the world. We all hope that the best man may win and that we'll all have our faith restored.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how the costumes turned out.

But I find myself with more curiosity about the walls in the back of these photos. I noticed the mirror panels and suddenly I needed to know what (if anything) has happened to the "Cymbalta Wood Wall of Despair"?????

inquiring minds want to know!

Lisa Milton said...

Best time of the year, hands down.