Thursday, November 20, 2008

Possibly Presumptuous, Likely Lazy

frost on the berries

OK. I need some writing prompts to close out the month, so I'm officially open to suggestions and questions. It seems a little silly and presumptuous to solicit reader questions (and I'm half-expecting deafening silence, which is slightly embarrassing) but I am fresh out of ideas and will just ask: any burning questions? Anything you want to know? Questions about blogging? Sandwich construction? America's Next Top Model?

I'll answer each and every one along with a link to your blog (if you have one.) Please note: this offer does not extend to husbands/siblings/aunts/cousins/childhood friends who may be reading this and will seize the opportunity to post detailed questions full of embarrassing, damning details, like, "Hey, I have a question: do you remember that one summer..." because, no, I don't. And you don't either, pal.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I want to know more about your Food Photography career. And you know, anything else you want to write about.

Truly, you could just recite the dictionary, I'll still be happy.

Robyn said...

I sent you an email a week(ish?) ago about a blog banner design and hadn't heard back from you. Either 1) I'm spam; 2) You're mean; or 3) You are busy and/or backlogged.

I saw that you donated some design work for NieNie, so I'm guessing you're probably not mean. I've been spam before, so, you know, always possible.

Maybe you could fill us eager masses in on your design work schedule/current backlog of requests, so instant gratification folks like myself can sleep better tonight?

Or, if that sounds all grumpy and customer-complaintish (I hope it doesn't, but you never know), we could just go with: "What do you shoot with?"

heidi said...

I'm always interested in other's creative work process... yours would probably be fascinating AND funny. (no pressure.)

PicaboMama said...

I see lots of lovely photos taken by you, but not too many with you in frame. I'd love to see some fabulously embarrassing vintage pics of yourself, with witty commentary. This is precisely what I have resorted to over at my blog. Wanna see?

J. said...

Dear Ask Melanie:

1. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? Are you hosting or do you guys go someplace (say, to friends or family)? If you are hosting, what do you plan on making and can we expect pictures?

2. Why haven't we see a new blog post re the Vermont Country Store? Do you no longer get their catalog or is it that their catalog no longer inspires or thrills you like it used to?

3. When do you plan on going Christmas shopping this year, and what are your tips for economizing while still spoiling the kids (and not pissing off relatives)?

4. How's the pageant/church play going?

5. Are you a fan of winter? If so, explain why. If not, ditto. Bonus points for pretty winter pictures, even though it is still technically fall. (Btw, it has been "unseasonably cold" here in the Northeast and I am this close to heading southeast or southwest or to Australia for the winter. Give me 80 over 20 any day.)

6. What do you do when the kids are at school? How about a "day in the life" post along the lines of "when the kids are away..."?

I think that should provide plenty of fodder, for many posts. I look forward to reading/seeing your answers.


Freezing and Procrastinating in CT
(aka J. of J-TWO-O)

Kelly said...

Can we talk about McKey winning? How she's horsey and vapid and I don't like her? And do you remember that's NOT HER REAL NAME?

I wasn't crazy about Sam either, but at least she was as cute as a bug's ear.

lapoflux said...

How's Roomba? THere was a romance some time back wasn't there?

J. said...

Just thought of two more:

Do you still have that wood paneling, because I am sensing some malaise emanating from that direction. How about an update? Have you succumbed? Do we need to send some Cymbalta?

On a brighter note, will you be attending the inauguration? If not, how do you plan on celebrating?

And KELLY, I am TOTALLY with you, girl.

Anonymous said...

I love your banner designs too and would love some more info!
Also, where do you get your ideas? Are you simply crazy creative!!!
The pictures on beanplate are yummilicious! I made the spiced candied nuts and can't tell you how many people I got to try them :)
Great job all around! I know you'll come up with something new and amazing or heck old and lacklustre does it for me, so no worries!!!

Anonymous said...

Argh! I'm hitting a wall with my posts as well. (and I'm already a rookie NaBloPoMo failure....)

So here's some things you could do:
1.) The Secret is In the Sauce is hosting an "Open Letter" day today. ex: "Dear Disgruntled Target Employee"

2.) How about an update on how preschool is going for your girl! (and for you)

3.) Favorite food memories from childhood - (birthdays, holidays, etc)

4.) Like J. - How about an update on the "wall of despair"?

Also: do you only do Blogger blog designs? Or have you branched out to other hosting formats?

Renovation Therapy said...

Should I have a kid/kids? I'm now, 38 and frankly...I still can't decide. Input appreciated. the Fiance is leaning towards yes, but he's not overly passionate about it.

Anonymous said...

What is in the cabinet under you kitchen sink?

~m said...

oh, PLEASE do more photo tutorials! there was just the one (right? I think? did i miss more?)

The Girl Next Door said...

I want to know everything everyone else does. Mostly I want a camera like you have and your photographic ability. Oh and to cook like you. And that's just for starters!

jackie Texas said...

Are you obsessing over money or lack there of? What did you have to do to child proof your home. I have a 10 month old and we have traped him in our living room. I seem to obsess over what is safe for my son to play with. Have any suggestions? Do you have a mommy blog you turn to when you have a question you dont want to ask your mom for that will be totally out dated?

Tina Graybill Putt said...

I love to cook and bake and obviously you do too.
Do you have any favorite websites (besides beanplate) where you go for recipes?

Melanie said...

Robyn! You were junked; I just e-mailed you. Thanks!

knitalot3 said...

I want to know more about the meals in the freezer. Loved the other recipes.

LaRue said...

What do you like best about living where you are? And what do you think of Grey's Anatomy this season? (Just had to throw that out there.)

Otherwise I think all of the other fab ideas above me in the comments are just swell.

Heather D said...

How 'bouts some ideas for cheap and cheerful holiday gifts? I'm trying to come up with some of my own but am looking for some to hijack. Handmade stuff is great, preferably easy because I am craft challenged. :)

shauna said...


1. where do you get your sarcastic sense of humor? It's great...reminds my of myself.

2. do you have any holiday traditions in your family that are unique? Strange food items? Quirky conversation? Bold Cosby-like sweaters?

I love both your blogs.

JessTrev said...


1)I also want to talk about design work, and getting your data points so I can talk you up.

2)Tiny dinosaurs or other such ilk frolicking in food. Or wherever. Strangely perfect Melanie photoshoots, in other words.

3)Forgettable meals (flops).

4)Forgettable parenting moments (Mother of the Year or MOTY awards).

5)Dog person or cat lover? Gerbils or guinea pigs? Turtle or lizard? Share the BeanPaste animules.

6)Isabel update if appropriate.

the cheap chick said...

I'd love to hear stories from your childhood - like stuff you did in high school, movies you liked, activities you were in, that kind of thing. I always loved your post about your favorite childhood books.

dharmamama said...

Pop Culture Librarian ( )just posted a letter to her teen self. I don't know if I dare to do that! But you can.

What would you tell your high school self if you could go back in time?

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Why did you start your other blog, BeanPlate, and how is it going?

Is it crazy writing/designing for two blogs (maybe you have even more?)?

How did you decide there was room in the crowded food blog world for your (great) contribution?

Keeling said...

1. What magazines do you subscribe to?

2. How do you take such great food pictures?

3. What are you giving your family for Christmas gifts this year. Are you making anything? What?

The Boddeker Blog said...

Same question I ask everyone- How do you find time to mother children, cook like a fool, get Roomba going, and blog?

Also, how is little Isabel? I think about her often.


i am very mary said...

frosty berries - that seems perfectly perfect to me for some reason!

Saucy said...

I agree with Kelly... let's chat about ANTM and that whole McKey thing (real name: Britany) and I was supposing the entire time she would be the winner, but really - was Elayna (sp?) so bad? Hmmm... I was right about every single elimination but HER. What's your take?

Angie said...

Were you the popular girl in high school? Homecoming Queen, possibly?

You obviously grew up in a very creative home with all this crazy sewing talent - was it your mother that taught you to sew?

How old are you? Rude, I know, but I'm curious:)

Where did you meet your husband?

How's that for nosy??

Kelly @ Love Well said...

How about telling us more about why you live where you live. What do you like, what do you dislike, is it home?

LisaMo said...

I second the need for another photography tutorial. I'm getting a new DSLR for Christmas, and though I know I won't be Tiger Woods even if I have his golf clubs (=I'm no Melanie even if we have the same camera) I'm dying to know (1) what you shoot with and (2) what your favorite lens is.

Hillary said...

As a girl who used to hope, wish, and pray for a Barbie Townhouse every Christmas (one exactly like one that someone who may or may not bear a resemblance to one Mme Paste had in her room and probably didn't appreciate--though she did very graciously let me ride my Barbies up and down it's elevator each and every time I came over for marathon Barbie/My Little Pony fun times) I must ask you what gift you always longed for that Santa was never goodly enough to leave under the tree for you?
And has your darling daughter asked for anything yet that you found too horrible, tacky or vulgar to buy? And I'm not talking about responsible parenting type appropriate application of the word "No," but something that would be an acceptable purchase were it not for the bright pink plastic-ness/giant Big Bird face or other purely aesthetic objection. If yes, what was it?