Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rhymes With "Gail Dome"

I went to a movie and dinner instead of writing tonight. (Neapolitan pizza and W., thanks for asking.) And do you know what that means?

Fail Gnome

Good night.


J. said...

The date on the post says November 8, so you did not fail. Nor are you a gnome. So take heart.

Btw, what is a Neopolitan pizza? And what did you think of "W."?

the cheap chick said...

I see no failue here! You posted yesterday, and that's all you had to do. There is no rule saying you had to be brilliant and such.

Granted, even your quickie posts are brilliant, so no worries there!

Melanie said...

Ha. Still lame, still reeking of fail gnome.

J.: Neapolitan pizza is just a regional kind of Italian pizza: thin, cracker-y crust cooked in a brick oven, Margherita-type toppings. And I thought "W." was O.K., and actually pretty sympathetic to Bush. Stone obviously used a great deal of creative license, but you got a general sense of a regular, Joe-Schmo guy who just happened to be born into a powerful, wealthy American family. (And Dreyfuss was a perfect, effortless Cheney.)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I loved W. My one complaint is that Josh Brolin is way too old to play a 20 year old. Stone should've used 2 actors.

Claire B. said...

I saw W. yesterday too. It was very sympathetic, which I suppose is good. I wanted to chuckle more, but that would be Mean.

I was slightly bored with it after two+ hours. The acting was spot-on, but Condi? Creepy!

Lisa Milton said...

You will not be impressed with my movie selections this weekend: Forgetting Sarah Marshall & Get Smart.

I've lost my movie snob cred.

The Girl Next Door said...

I say you didn't fail b/c I've been too busy to even notice that it existed but I'm loving all the daily updates from my favorite blogs!

~m said...

You went..."out"? You saw...a "movie"?
Ha. That's worth a billion brilliant posts!
And? That picture never gets old :)