Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Decorations 2009: Liberace, But Klassy Liberace

2009-10-26 495
Ellie and I decided to glitter pumpkins again this year (which really didn't help with the DEFCON 2 Glitter Situation), and you have no idea how much a five-year-old girl gets out of slathering a pumpkin in glue and sparkles.  Well, maybe you do.  If you don't, it looks something like this:

2009-10-26 465
2009-10-26 461
Glittering is intense business for a five-year-old, is what I'm telling you.  SPARKLE MOTION!

2009-10-26 476
We went with a black, white, and silver theme (very chi-chi, you know) and finished it off with some spray-painted branches from the lilac tree and black feathered birds from the Regrettable But Sometimes Useful Dollar Store.

2009-11-1 007

2009-11-1 382
2009-11-1 377
The jack o'lanterns, sadly, have already begun to slump and smell suspicious, but I'm going to toss those and keep the rest of the display up until at least Thanksgiving, all while telling the children, "Yes, true fact, the Pilgrims ate roast crow at the first Thanksgiving and the Liberace tribe set the table with glittered gourds, but don't tell anyone at kindergarten, 'kay?"

All this decoratin' and book learnin' is hard work, y'all.

2009-11-1 355


a Tonggu Momma said...

My Tongginator would adore those glitter pumpkins. They don't require the use of a hot glue gun, do they? Because I've been fired from using a glue gun.

Kelly said...


Chris said...

You're such a good mom. I'm drawn to glitter like a moth to a flame, but the mess makes me twitch. Pretty pum'kins!

Amy said...

It seems perfectly natural to get that excited over glue and glitter. I mean really. It's glue. And GLITTER!!!!

iCarrie said...

Glitter! Ah, we have it everywhere from our five year old's spidergirl costume...everywhere.
We also have the same, large crow. He is called our *crow-buddy*, and he perches in various parts of the house to look down on visitors who enter the house.
Love the kids' pumpkins!

Hay said...

I'm okay with glitter. That freakin' confetti that my MIL keeps piling into cards and sending the kiddos, not THAT drives me crazy.

Also, you'd think I'd learn to open them over the bin, but now I'm wondering if it ain't mind control confetti, cause everytime, I open, it flies out everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I love, love, love those pumpkins and that macro shot killed me. dead.

J. said...

Oh sure, have her apply the glitter in a box. Where's the challenge with that?!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You're a better woman than I. I was not/am not a fan of:


That's why I paid for preschool!

It looks gorgeous for sure.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

heidi said...

Hear that sound? That's Martha trying not to stick to her seat, after seeing those brilliant pumpkins.

I Am Very Mary said...

That new name for the dollar store? It's the best.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I may copy you next year.

I'll give you credit, a byline coming from a bird's beak perhaps?

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

The Liberace tribe. Tee hee. :-)

dkuroiwa said...

I just realized that I have never seen a bit of glitter here...ever! (but then again, i have boys...they are not into the glittering that can be done!) What's up with that!? I love the glitter pumpkins...and the white one with the mouth cut ala Picasso....THAT one rules!!
You are such a cool mom. again...I'm bowing down in your general direction.

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