Sunday, July 1, 2007

About The Paste

Hi. My name is Melanie.

I am 30-ish, married, and a mother to two small, tasty-smelling children. Their names are Ellie and Jimmy, though it should be noted that my husband wanted to name the boy 'Hieronymous', which probably tells you all you need to know about my husband. Though I previously enjoyed work as a muckety-muck, I am currently staying at home and savoring every excruciating second of it all.

I am passionate about cooking, graphic design, children's lit, photography, babies, photographing babies, iced lattes, the month of October, carbohydrates, and slightly disheveled thirty-something architects. I cannot knit. Also, I live in Idaho, so there's that.

And what's BeanPaste, you may ask? Delicious, that's what.

I started writing BeanPaste in 2007 as an effort to write and create something--anything--on a regular basis. Despite the best advice of the experts, BeanPaste is never about one thing and simply chronicles the things that occupy my days striving to be a good mother and bad mutha. Unless otherwise credited, all the writing and photography is a direct result of my own bad decisions.

Finally, BeanPaste was one of our daughter's countless infant nicknames and, coincidentally, the name of her first blues album. Look for it to drop in spring of 2023.

I love e-mail, and you can send me some at beanpasteblog(at)gmail(dot)com. Interested in a header design like mine? Then kindly check this out.